Friday, October 23, 2009

4 States... 1156 Miles... 6 Days

Been running around the country, but I wanted to check in and wish everyone good luck with their speed dialing tomorrow! Let me know how it goes!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Hope it's as good a day for you as everyone is hoping it will be! :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Today's Word Is...

Had to go to to check this word out. Yep... it meant what I thought it meant. Dang.

 /ɛmˈbɑrgoʊ/ [em-bahr-goh] noun, plural -goes, verb, -goed, -go⋅ing.

1. an order of a government prohibiting the movement of merchant ships into or out of its ports.
2. an injunction from a government commerce agency to refuse freight for shipment, as in case of congestion or insufficient facilities.
3. any restriction imposed upon commerce by edict.
4. a restraint or hindrance; prohibition.
5. a word that steals the joy from the media.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stickin' Out Like A Sore Thumb

I did something I'd never done before in my life today. I walked into a Harley dealership. First thing I realized once I'd found it was that I was clearly not dressed appropriately. I had a minimal amount of black on, and absolutely no orange. To say I felt a little out of place was an understatement. In hindsight, a bandana would have been a big help in the wind.

It was all for a good cause though. Dierks' Bentley's 4th annual Miles & Music for Kids event. My role there was simple -- quick interview with Dierks to gather soundbites for The Highway's "Nashville Flash" news minute. Mission accomplished. The concert lineup for the event was pretty good, but surprisingly, very few of the artists were doing the ride part of it. (Darius told us a couple of weeks ago "If Dierks thinks I'm riding a motorcycle he's on crack.") Troy Gentry showed up to ride, but Wynonna was the only performer who was also riding. I did not see so much as a whisp of her red hair during the 2 hours I was there.
By the way, let the record reflect that IF indeed I ever MIGHT have had a SLIGHT crush on Troy Gentry... it's over. Still love the MG music, but Troy has gotten a little too glam rock for me. I miss the rough and rowdy redneck who came to town with a little scruff and a pair of cowboy boots. Where did that guy go? And who is this guy wearing eyeliner looking like a drag queen waiting to come out? Even his motorcycle was over the top. (Even Dierks mentioned it.) At any rate, that was the topic of conversation amongst the media while we were waiting for Dierks to come around.

When he did come around he talked about the event, what his daughter will be for Halloween (Yoda), his touring plans for next year (taking the spring off) and his next two cds (one of which will be Bluegrass.) Dierks is a good guy, I love his music and I love that his heart is in the right place when it comes to his career. However, a year into fatherhood honey, you have to stop referring to your daughter as "my kid." Or worse yet, describing Vanderbilt as "my wife had her kid there." Try something a little warmer like "our child." When Evie gets old enough to read your interviews, she'll thank you.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Trick or Treat !

I love the Opry Pumpkin Patch -- check it out in the foyer of the Grand Ole Opry house now through Halloween!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Comeback....

So as I last blogged... I've been a lousy blogger lately. I blame a couple of different things -- one is my crazy life, and the other is Facebook. It's made me lazy. It's easier to just throw out a line here and there when I'm walking through the parking garage. However, due to some upcoming events in my life, and the realization that a lot of people I really don't know very well have access to everything in my life including pictures of my house, I'm about to draw some lines in the sand. Basically, I promise to try to be better about blogging if you promise not to get upset if I unfriend you on Facebook. The work stuff will go here - the personal stuff will go there. Deal?

Another reason I haven't had much to say lately about my adventures across the Sirius XM nation lately is that I haven't had many. I haven't traveled in ages, and I've had almost nothing to do with what specialty programming has been created. HOWEVER -- I'm working out the details to hit the road soon.

SO... let's play catch up, shall we?

Miranda Lambert at the Ryman was AMAZING. The entire balcony seemed to be music industry and VIP's. Taylor Swift was there, front and center in the front row. She was like 3 rows ahead of the president of Taylor's record label. Everyone and anyone in the country music media -- we sat next to Bob Kingsley. I've read that Kelly Clarkson was there, although I didn't see her, nor do I know anyone who did. CMA, GAC, CMT executives -- if they had 3 letters, they were there too. Everyone at her record label. Really.... I've never seen such a VIP turnout.

After performing her new CD Revolution top to bottom (and if you haven't gotten this yet, please do yourself a favor and buy it!) she did three classic country songs acoustic. When she was singing Patsy Cline, she stepped away from the mic for part of it, and just let her voice ring out. Very cool. Then of course, she did her hits. At the end, she got down on her knees and kissed the Ryman stage.

Afterwords there was a smaller party at The Stage downtown. She came over and worked the crowd. I was able to spend a few minutes with her and introduce her to my friend Donna, who was celebrating a birthday. A good night.

Best #1 party I've been to lately, hands down, was Jason Aldean for "Big Green Tractor" on the roof of BMI. We did a 30 minute or so round robin with him before the party started. Jason told me prior to going into the shindig that I wouldn't be able to miss his family. He was right -- his little girls were in denim skirts and "Big Green Tractor" t-shirts. There were green tablecloths and potted mums, and green (non-alcoholic) drinks called Tractortinis -- served in martini glasses. Food was plentiful -- waiters serving mini-cheeseburgers and corn dogs, and a full buffet of munchies. And it was perfect weather. Love the rooftop events!

Seems like we're getting overrun with new music lately... I always ask what's grabbing you -- and I want to know that too, but I also wonder what is turning you OFF. I've got a song right now that just drives me crazy every time I hear it, because it sounds so out of place on country radio. Since I don't want to show up in this artist's google news alerts, I won't name names... but will tell you it's a remake - and the original wasn't country either.
Ok your turn!