Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kenny in 3-D

Tomorrow night, Kenny Chesney's "Summer in 3-D" movie debuts in a limited engagement.  I heard somewhere there's only seven showings over the next couple of weeks, so if you want the full blown movie theatre experience, you'd better grab it while you can!  The end credits of the movie proclaim KMart as the retail partner for the movie (which, honestly, seems a little cheap to me.  But I'm a Walmart girl...) So anyway, I suspect that means it will be on DVD shortly thereafter,

As for the movie itself, I saw it about a week ago out in Franklin, TN.  They did a small screening for about 40-50 of us.  Mac McAnally was sitting in the row in front of me, which I thought was incredibly cool.  Kenny came out and said hello, but didn't stay to watch it. 

I've seen Kenny a bunch of times, including at both Madison Square Garden and Gillette Stadium, so I'd actually seen him in 4-D already.  ;-)  I would say Boston was the predominantly featured show, although there were shots from all the stadium shows, and a couple of songs cherry picked from other places.  ("Better As A Memory" in Indy was particularly cool.) 

The 3-D effects were pretty neat.  The concerts were actually shot in 3-D versus being converted later.  Things don't fly out of the screen at you a la Avitar or anything, but it makes for some neat effects.  I think the fans who can't get enough Kenny are going to love this, but the real audience needs to be up and coming artists.  The movie tells a story of a kid who had a dream and chased it, and used technology to take it beyond anything he'd ever dared to dream. 

If you've never seen Kenny in concert, his staging is amazing.  And he runs around and rocks a stage like someone 15 years younger.

Of course, I can't talk about Kenny without talking about his ACM performance of  "Ain't Back Yet." It's my personal belief, that when you look at the overall criteria for Entertainer of the Year ~ sales, airplay, concert attendance, multi-media exposure, promotion of country music outside of the genre ~ Kenny deserved to win.  I know Taylor is a close second, but she hasn't had as many country hits lately, and she sure didn't sell as many concert tickets.  But I knew when it came to the Carrie Underwood fans, they are a force to be reckoned with.  Face it -- without the fans, none of us would have ever heard of Carrie.  So I wasn't surprised he didn't win. 

But I was completely shocked that he lip sync'd his performance.  I've yet to hear an explanation as to why.  Maybe he was sick, maybe they were juggling the show rundown, maybe that's just a hard song to sing.  I don't know.  But I know if Taylor Swift had gotten up there and lip sync'd the press would have been ALL OVER her.  Yet somehow, with Kenny they're just shrugging their shoulders and saying "I don't know, no one's talking." 

The fans are talking!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Home Cooking with Trisha Brooks

Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood: Stories and Recipes to Share with Family and FriendsTrisha Yearwood is making the media rounds in New York City, promoting her new cookbook ~ Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood.  Which of course, meant she stopped by the Sirius XM HQ too. 

I'm sure you are dying to know what she was doing there and when you can hear it.  But of course... there's not been any official announcement yet, so I probably shouldn't spill the beans.

But... you guys know I love you best, right?  So let me just suggest that Mother's Day weekend would be a fabulous time for some 90's Country & More on your satellite radio. 

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, I think it's only appropriate that you click on Mrs. Brooks' smiling face over there and order one through my Amazon link.  After all, it's partially her fault that I'm trying to raise money for a plane ticket to D.C. so that I can do the Komen 3-Day for the Cure in October.

I can't wait until I see her next and ask her what the heck she's gotten me into!  LOL

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coming to a Bookstore Near You!

Like Me
Ok, it's not coming for another month and a half, but there's lots of anticipation and speculation about Chely Wright's upcoming memoir, Like Me.  What exactly will she be confessing?

I don't have any inside scoop, but I am excited to read it.  I love Chely, she's never been anything but completely wonderful to me.  And one of my favorite albums ever is The Metropolitan Hotel.  So much so that I bought a t-shirt, and I almost never buy merch.  There was so much great music on there... gutwrenching sometimes... but great. "Southside of Lonesome"... "What If I Can't Say No Again"... good stuff.  A very raw song for her mom.  And then I always liked "It's The Song."  I'm a nerd like that... I like songs about the music business.  "I Got Him Ready For You" is another good one.  Sassy. 

Lifted Off the GroundSorry, I got distracted. There's new music coming too... the album is called Lifted Off The Ground.  They haven't serviced a single, although I hear there's a song floating around out there that's being referred to as a single.  I'm guessing it's a soft launch, going to secondary (smaller) radio stations first.

Anyway, both projects hit stores May 4th.  Looking forward to putting the rumor mills to rest and reading Chely's story myself.  How awesome must it be to have a BOOK in stores?  Completely different than a CD release day I would guess. 

Go Chely!  And don't forget if you're coming to CMA Music Fest, the 10th Anniversary Reading, Writing and Rhythm concert is BACK this year!  Sarah Buxton, Bucky Covington, Rodney Crowell... someone else whom I'm forgetting because it's 12:15 in the morning... Tickets on sale now!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My job is SO tough some days!

How much did I love hanging out with Gary Allan?  A lot.  He's so loose and fun... great sense of humor.  He came in and did a Guest DJ session for us the day that Get Off on The Pain was released.  I asked him if he knew how many tattoos he had at this point.  He said "I call it three."  They're just three very large tattoos!  LOL.  He got his first at age 15!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Need Proofreaders Please!

I have a lengthy piece that I've read and re-read over at my 3-day blog... do you mind looking it over and telling me if I missed any spelling / grammar errors or if something just doesn't make sense?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lady A At the Ryman

Check out these awesome pictures Sandi took at the Lady Antebellum show at the Ryman Auditorium. The one of them at the piano is definitely my favorite!

We saw them on the second night of their two night run. Unlike most shows I go to, where I'm in a section full of people I know from Music Row, this show I was smack in the middle of a family reunion. Hillary's grandparents were there, her mom was running around playing social butterfly, I know Charles and Dave both had a ton of friends and family there too. They played about an hour. My favorite song off the new album is still "Perfect Day." It's in contention to be the next single.

The after party was the most productive schmooze fest I've been to in ages. Spent time talking music with the Capitol promo guys, whom I love. Introduced Sandi to Hillary, Charles, & Dave. Got to catch up with Charles' wife, whom I hadn't seen in a couple of months. (They had 7 people staying at their house, including Charles' brother Josh who slept on the floor! LOL) Had a very lengthy conversation about new music with Mike Dungan, where I continued my campaign for "All I Want" to be the next Darius Rucker single. (I'm gonna lose that one, but I am still waving the flag.) And I stood and giggled as Sandi and Bob Doyle chatted about Vegas.

Those of you who are new to the Lady A bandwagon due to their recent crossover explosion, do yourself a favor and go buy their first album.

Here's "THE" Picture

Note... by looking at this picture, you hereby agree that if you know my parents, you shall not mention it to them. I'm going to get it printed and send it to them as a surprise. They still don't know about THE night.

You may now proceed.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Want a sneek peek?

Here's what I'm working on...


It's a work in progress... still don't have the layout and the background quite how I want it. But you guys get the exclusive first look!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Consider Me Your Own Private Megastore

As you may have noticed... I've recently become an Amazon Affiliate. I will use the tools they give me (once I figure them all out!) to share some cool things I'm enjoying. But if you shop for anything else through Amazon (and really, who doesn't? They have everything!) I'd really appreciate it if you would stop in here first and click through one of my links.

Any money raised through these links are going for a very specific purpose... which I will be sharing with you here shortly. But until I get all the details in one place, I just wanted to start getting the word out.

I've had some fun adventures around Music City the past couple of weeks, but I've been really sick and run down, so I'm behind on my blogging. Lots of stories and photos coming soon!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Where She Always Wanted To Be....

He's in country music, where he always wanted to be...

First off, let me tell you, it was really a great night. Dailey & Vincent at the Country Music Hall of Fame... performing songs from their new CD "Dailey & Vincent Sing The Statler Brothers." With all four Statlers in attendance.

We got over there at about 4:15 for a pre-party interview. To say it was chaos, was an understatement. Tons of media running around. And you put Harold Reid and Darrin Vincent in front of microphones... well... let's just say schedules - and seriousness - go out the window!

My buddies Wil and Langdon were there. They've been in Nashville recording, but they're no longer known as Grandstaff. They're going by Wilson Fairchild now -- their middle names. (Wil is technically a Harold Wilson Reid the 17th or something...) It was great to catch up with them. They've been writing with Gordon Kennedy. And somehow in the conversation we got around to Garth, and how they're thinking about going to Vegas sometime with Bryan.

But anyway... back to the media rounds. We went back into the HOF's green room when it was getting to be time for radio/print. There were about 4 media outlets there... and the parties involved were sort of making the rounds with no real direction. Kyle wound up talking to D&V, and then the Statlers were supposed to join them, but it wound up being Phil and Jimmy for a while... then Harold came in and pretty much, chaos overtook at that point. Don was tied up with another reporter who didn't share, LOL. Which made me a little sad, because as I've mentioned, I know Don's an XM fan, and we've never had him on the air with us.

Anyway, more people kept coming in to the green room... including Ralph Emory, and somehow, there wound up being this big group picture with Kyle and Ralph and the Statlers and D&V. And Karen Byrd - who is an even bigger Statlers fan than I am - insisted I get in there too.

So in this hodge podge of people, there I am, standing right next to Don Reid. The man who's voice completely melts me no matter how many times I hear those songs. He, I'm sure, has no earthly idea who he's getting his picture taken with -- Kyle hasn't ever met him either. And at one point, Jimmy reaches right over him and hugs me. The good news is, I didn't babble like an idiot. The bad news is... I didn't say anything. Chalk it up on the opportunity missed wall. Literally... we're rubbing elbows. And I can't find a "hello" in there?

Some photographer somewhere has a picture of unknown quality that I'm in, with the Statler Brothers. Will it ever make it's way to my desk? Maybe. Don's son Langdon even teased me about how good I did in there with them. Seriously, the room was about 10 x 6 and there were 20 people in it. But the reality is - I failed.

The show itself was SO good. This album is really outstanding. And I can't IMAGINE what it must be like to play these songs, with the guys who wrote them and recorded them, sitting in the front row. In the Hall of Fame. Their new bass singer, doing Harold's parts, was good, but very nervous. Everything else was just smack on.

Lots of other artists came out as well. Duane and Joe from the Oak Ridge Boys were there, Bill Gaither, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Wariner. Charlie Chase and Lorianne Crook. Her hubby, Jim Owens was there. I've never met him, but I used to see his name as Executive Producer on all those TNN shows. It was his job I was after. Missed that opportunity too.

After the performance there was a reception in the rotunda of the Hall of Fame. The food, oddly enough, was NOT catered by Cracker Barrel. It was a nice reception, and I got to spend some time catching up with Jimmy's wife Nina. Cracker Barrel had set up a backdrop, and the guys spent the whole night posing for pictures and signing autographs. Knowing that the Ford Theatre holds 214... I would guess there was about 180 people there.

So as the night wound down, I said goodbye to Wil and Langdon, and left. The pics I took backstage didn't turn out. Just make another mark on the wall.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Statler Stalking. In the wrong state.

For some of you... these first couple of paragraphs are old news. Feel free to scroll down.

I was raised on country music. End of sentence. Not "country music and...." Just country. On the weekends we'd listen to Bob Kingsley on WMAQ out of Chicago. But most of the time around my house it was Tom T. Hall, Barbara Mandrell... George, Tammy, Loretta. On vinyl, on eight track. Donna Fargo, Dave & Sugar, The Oak Ridge Boys. But more than anything else, it was The Statler Brothers.

Long before there was a TNN, I was making music videos in my head to Statler songs. I may or may not have had a crush on one of them, but as I know know their children, I'd never admit to such a thing. I watched them on TV - their shows, awards shows, Barbara Mandrell's show. Somehow, I never made it to a concert. Maybe because going to Statler Brothers concerts was something that my parents did. I was going to take my Mass Comm degree and move to Nashville and work on their tv show. WAY cooler.

That didn't wind up working out so well. I personally blame a woman named Peggy. She worked HR for TNN, and she crushed every dream I had when she told me they weren't interested in an out of state broadcasting major willing to give up her summer and move to Nashville for an internship. As she told me, they had "plenty of qualified applicants from local colleges." I can still hear her voice. So we'll just say it's Peggy's fault that I've never worked with the Statlers. But that's not really quite the truth.

I do know the "new" Brother, Jimmy Fortune and his wonderful wife Nina, and have had the good fortune to vacation with them and work with Jimmy on several occasions. Two of the sweetest people to walk the earth. I even know some of the Reid kids... including two of the "next generation of Statlers" known as Grandstaff, whom I adore. But Harold, Don and Phil? Never met them. But that's not Peggy's fault.

I like to joke that someday Sandi and I are going to go Statler Stalking in Staunton, VA. (Say that three times fast!) I'll see the school they turned into their HQ, and back into a school again. I'll sit on the stools that serve as a monument to the quartet in the public park. I'll roam the grocery store aisles hoping to randomly bump into them. But the reality is... if I did see one of them... I wouldn't be able to speak. There's a precedent set. Don't tell anyone... but it appears I might be a bit... scared.

I don't know what it is exactly, but for some reason there's a big ole panic attack waiting to happen (or happening) when I think about what I'd actually ever say to them if given the opportunity. Would I tell them I'd probably still be directing local news in the cornfields if it wasn't for them and Garth? Should I confess that no matter how rotten my day is, I can blast their music through the office and make it better? Would they understand the significance if they knew for the past 13 years I've sang "You Are My Sunshine" to my daughter when she goes to bed?

One morning a couple years back I was leaving the Hilton Hotel in Nashville. I'd just left a listening event for John Rich's cd, and when I came down the stairs in the lobby, there, to my left, were all four Statlers. Wearing their Hall of Fame medallions. The night before they'd been officially inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was the perfect opportunity to meet them. To say hello. To get all four of them together, in Nashville... well, it might not ever happen again. Fans were talking to them, taking photos. Perfect chance. All I had to do was walk over and say hello to Jimmy.

Instead, I sat at the other end of the lobby and watched. And I was shaking like a leaf. After a few minutes, my co-worker Jon came walking through, and wondered what I was doing. Another perfect opportunity. I now had a picture taker! He offered to go over there with me. Perfect, when Jon's around he talks enough for both of us. I wouldn't even have to speak! But I couldn't get up. And I sat there and watched, until they finished up, said goodbye to Jimmy, and went up to their rooms. Then, and only then did I go over and talk to Jimmy. Opportunity missed.

Later that afternoon, I went to the Ernest Tubb record shop. Grandstaff -- my buddies Wil and Langdon - were performing there, while their dads -the two Statler Brothers who are really brothers - were doing an autograph signing. It was a great afternoon... I met all kinds of family members including Harold's wife, all the kids, their wives. Harold and Don were sitting behind a table signing books. I had a book already ~ they'd kindly sent me one, autographed. All I really needed to do was say hello. Don had emailed me once, (yes, I still have it, but I was so blown away I never wrote back) so I knew he at least knew my name, and he was a big XM fan. Just a hello. There was a table between us... it would be oh so casual... Surely, I could manage that. I mean... the first artist I ever interviewed was George Strait. It should all get easier from there.

Come to think of it, this was the second book signing of theirs I'd been to. Not long after we'd moved out of the CMHOF and they'd remodeled, the brothers Reid did a book signing. They sat in the very spot our broadcast booth used to be. And I stood in the corner and watched. Just as I did at the ET Record Shop, at one point being close enough they could have reached out and smacked me. And probably should have. Another opportunity missed.

Later that night, I saw Wil and Langdon at the Bluebird, along with Bryan Kennedy. Harold was in the audience - I remember blogging about how much he roared with laughter over "Cowgirl's Saddle." Again I got to chat with Brenda, Harold's wife. Her husband? Ummm... no.

So, you might wonder, why on earth I'm rambling aimlessly about opportunities missed. Regrets? Yeah. I regret that I'm one of THOSE fans... the kind I make fun of because they get so crazy starstruck. I mean come on... the stars are just PEOPLE. I regret that my parents don't have a photo hanging on their wall of fame of their daughter and four men in suits wearing medallions. I regret I never road tripped to a farewell tour concert, even though they didn't play Nashville and I didn't have road trip money. And I regret that I don't have some sort of magic pill that would quelch the anxiety attack I have every time I think about what I'd ever say to them if I had the opportunity.

Not that I'd ever have the opportunity. Because I'm not REALLY going to go Statler Stalking. In Staunton. And they've retired. It's not like they'd ever... come to Nashville. I mean, they're already in the Hall of Fame. So there's no real reason to come back. Unless there was something big. Like... some sort of tribute album. But it would have to be a really big deal. Something crazy, like the biggest act in bluegrass music doing a tribute. But, the reigning IBMA Entertainers of the Year have already covered a couple of different Statler songs on their albums. It's not like they're going to go out and do a whole tribute album. And sell it at Cracker Barrel. And then throw a party to celebrate it. And invite me to a little pre-party interview.

Because if they did that... I'd have to come up with something to say. I might even get to get that picture taken. And the very thought of THAT would send me into panic attacks that would cause me to write ridiculously long rambling blogs that probably have more grammatical errors than a KC press release.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Grammy Award

Every day on Facebook I post (usually my first post of the day) a post of gratitude and thankfulness. It just seems like a good way to start the day. Today's post was...

Joyce Rizer is very thankful for our Christmas gift from Dave & Jen... even though we won't officially meet our present until late summer!

So the answers to the FAQ are...

1. Since December 18th! Hardest secret to keep, ever. We were the first to know outside of the doctor's office. But then it became this little treasure that we had all to ourselves, and once we got permission to tell (they wanted to wait to get through the first trimester) I kind of didn't want to give it up!

2. They gave us a family gift for Christmas... a webcam... a card that said "Our family is growing by two feet"... and a pair of baby socks. I knew as soon as I saw the webcam.

3. They don't know... and say they don't want to find out in advance. Way more willpower than I have.

4. August 1st. Which, if you're doing the math, puts me at 38.

5. I can't decide. Gary is going to be "Gramps" ~ which is what I called him when we were dating. I was leaning towards "Grams" (one syllable, easy to say) but I think Granny J. has a ring to it, and there's part of me that thinks Grammie is just adorable.

I intend to be the coolest, hippest, funnest G-something around.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lady A Day ~ Tuesday

Programming announcement -- we're celebrating "Lady A Day" on Tuesday... a track an hour all day long from the new CD, featuring some commentary from the band on the new music. Then they'll spend an hour hanging with Storme Warren, chatting about everything else they have going on -- touring with Tim, Grammy Awards, etc. etc. etc. Be there! Sirius 60 / XM 16 / DISH 6060 / DirecTV 814.

Actually -- can someone with DirecTV confirm we're still on? I've heard that's going away, although I'm not sure when.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Need a Research Assistant!

Anyone got time between now and Wednesday afternoon to do a little online research for me? Need some interview prep done....

Leave a message! Thanks!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dinner with Martina

I've gotten some requests for details on my dinner with Martina. I'm too lazy (after all, it IS my day off!) to dig up the audio and provide quotes, so here's just an overview.

We were in a private room at a really nice restaurant on West End Avenue that I'd never been to before. There were 10 of us from national radio, John & Martina, and a handful of her "people" - publicist, a couple of marketing folks, a couple of label folks. We were all around this big square table, which made it really nice. Lorianne Crook was there, but otherwise it wasn't names you'd know -- it was Lon Helton's producer, Bob Kingsley's producer, several radio prep site producers, etc.

Before we sat down though it was more cocktail hour... Martina came around the room and socialized. She's rockin' a Pat Benatar style haircut these days. Conversation was more about kids (her Delaney just got her learner's permit)and hair and shopping than it was anything business related.

Dinner was really good... although somehow at dinner the conversation turned to these "cleanse" diets that her marketing person was on. Martina does a similar one, and they wound up telling us a bunch of things about that - as we stuffed ourselves with red meat and ravioli and plenty of wine.

After dinner her label guy set up a microphone and we did a little "round robin" at the dinner table. You'll be hearing audio from that in upcoming editions of The Nashville Flash as well as our new countdown show - The Highway Hot 30 LiVE!

I almost didn't go because Wednesday nights I'm usually up at church, but I'm glad I went. It was a four hour extravaganza -- plenty of wine, good conversation, good company.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Wanna Talk About Trace

So. Rewind - Wednesday. It was a crazy busy morning... my weekly deadlines were all out of wack because I was producing a Friday show on a Wednesday, and it's a holiday weekend to boot. So tempted as I was to completely blow off the Toby Keith press conference... I really wanted the audio for our awesome little news features - The Nashville Flash.

So Storme and I raced out of the studio, over to BMI. Now last time I was at BMI for a joint media event, my microphone was set up on the right, and Keith Urban sat on the left. This time I asked the publicist which side Toby was sitting on. ;-)

Toby and Mark Wright come in and talk about their new joint venture between Show Dog and Universal South. Quite honestly, it's not very exciting. Much more business related... Toby rants about the Music Row politics some, but mostly, it's going to be a lot of editing to get 10 seconds of audio the fans are gonna want to hear.

Look at that, I got "wanna" and "gonna" in the same blog. You'd never know I was born north of the Mason Dixon line.

I will say though, HUGE press turnout. The most I've ever seen at a BMI event. TV, Radio, Internet, Print and a whole bunch of people I'd never seen before. Apparently if you could spell Toby's name, you were in.

So they're talking about artist roster (unchanged at this point, no one's been cut) and synergies, and Toby getting his own masters back (which, clearly was the motivating factor behind going back to Universal after trashing them.) And then in a "oh yeah by the way" moment after his publicist whispers in his ear, he announces he's signed his first artist.

"We've signed" Mark corrects him.

We've signed to Show Dog Records... Toby continues.

"Show Dog-Universal" Mark corrects him.

I feel your pain Toby. I still slip and it's been a year and a half. Carry on.

So he talks about his new signing, and truly, I'm zoning out. I'm sitting next to Lorianne Crook wishing her hair was bigger so it would hide me taking a nap. Great, just what we need.. some new artist we've never heard of. And there's a rustle behind me, and Trace Adkins walks around the table.

And I kid you not, the first 10 seconds, I thought it was a joke. Ha! Funny! But it turns out, people in Nashville can keep secrets after all. This one came out of left field!

I don't have my audio with me to share quotes, but Trace was very gracious in thanking Capitol for 15 years together. A few other notes from memory:

- Trace saw how happy Toby was when they toured together, and he "longed" for that.
- Trace called Toby up to pitch the idea
- Toby has heard some of Trace's new music, but says he's just going to let him do his thing... he doesn't micromanage his artists.
- Great Buck Owens story... if the quotes aren't floating around out there on the net I'll dig 'em out for you. Remind me.
- The deal was signed just an hour before the press conference.

It was Trace's birthday, so they brought out a cake and sang to him. At that point, it was 15 minutes to Storme's live show so we bolted back to the studio, and I produced a story that ran all day today in the Nashville Flash, using audio from both Toby and Trace. Fun! Wow - did I just use fun and work all in the same paragraph? Why yes I did. Work's gotten fun again. Shhh... let's just keep that our little secret, ok?

I'm headed out to my annual girl's scrapbooking weekend at Henry Horton State Park tomorrow... if I don't get to check back in here, have a great weekend!

Wednesday Madness

*Whew!* What a day on Wednesday! A lot to chat about, starting with a Toby Keith press conference that got completely interrupted (in a good way) by a Trace Adkins birthday party, and ending with a four hour dinner with Martina McBride.

Consider this a placeholder for things to come. I also have a new story going up on The Boot sometime in the next day or two. Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lady A in the House!

Here's what I love about Lady Antebellum. With the exception of Hillary's haircolor... they're the same people we sat down and did Driver's Ed with a year and a half ago, despite having a whole bunch more statues on their mantles.

We're cookin' up something big for their release day. Need You Now comes out January 26th.) Stay tuned!

I also hit the Country Weekly 15th Anniversary Bash tonight, at the newly remodeled Hard Rock Cafe. Place was PACKED. There were artists there, ranging from Josh Turner to Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys. But even better was seeing some Music Row peeps I haven't seen in forever!

SNEEK PEEK: My longtime readers know that there is one artist I just love Love LOVE to hear talk about himself. I'll get to hear him do just that, tomorrow!

Hanging with the Vocal Group of the Year!

Headed out to Country Weekly's 15th Anniversary Party at the newly remodeled Hard Rock Cafe. When I get home, hopefully I'll remember to give you ALL the scoop from our session with Lady Antebellum today - including pictures.

In the meantime, I've updated the Song of the Day to be one that I told my 12 year old she was NOT allowed to put on her MP3 player. :-D

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Week Ahead

Lots of adventures in Music City this week if I can get to them all! A press conference with my FAVORITE male artist of ALL TIME (ouch... tongue that severely in cheek HURTS!)... a 15th Anniversary Party... a #1 party for the Vocal Group of the Year and dinner with today's Song of the Day artist. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How's the view?

A few weeks ago, I asked my listeners to send me pictures of the snow. If memory serves... I was making fun of Nashville's little pitiful dusting of snow. I got a bunch of absolutely gorgeous pictures, but this one was my favorite. It was sent from a listener in Colorado.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Decade - New Blog Look

Hope your 2010 has gotten off to a good start so far! With the new year, new decade, I'm redecorating a bit around here... adding some new features... I've even changed the blog name, although I'm not sure this one's going to stick.

Y'all know that through my job I get introduced to a bunch of hot new music, so I thought I'd add a little "Song of the Day" feature. See that box right there to the right? Press play and you'll hear a snippet of something that is catching my ear.

I started off with the song that Delaynie is wearing out these days... it's from the Platinum edition of Fearless and is also on the soundtrack to Valentine's Day. Check it out!

I've been going through some pictures in preparation for a scrapbooking girls' weekend next weekend... you never know what kind of little gems I'm going to find to share - like the Gary Allan video below.

Hot Video

Love him... love this song. This was at the Ryman in November. I have a zillion pictures of him and opening act Jack Ingram if you're interested.